Barrington River Canoe Run

River Run Poster 2016 2

Paddlers will leave Clements Pond at 10AM. Please arrive early to ensure all paddlers leave at approximately the same time. We will provide transportation or you can catch a ride with another participant from Wild Axe Park back to your vehicle at Clements Pond following the River Run.

The Barrington River Run goes across Clements Pond and follows the Pond Branch to Barrington Lake, then down the Barrington River. There are 5 sets of Rapids, with portage routes if you prefer not to do the runs.

Pack a lunch, as we stop at around noon to eat lunch and let everyone catch up. We continue down the Barrington River to finish at Wild Axe Park.

Bug jackets are recommended, as the black flies can get pretty bad, especially through the Pond Branch. The Pond Branch can be a tricky section of the River Run, some tight squeezes and fast water in some locations.
For those that prefer not to do that section, you can put your canoe/kayak in on the Barrington Lake road landing and join us from there.

We hope to have Barrington Ground Search & Rescue helping again this year and they will be doing check in points along the route to account for all paddlers, as well as helping out at the various runs. If you see them, please check in with them and thank them for their time! We will be accepting donations which will be given to this great organization.

We hope you join us for a great day of paddling with great people on the beautiful Barrington River!